Rental Equipment

You name it, chances are we've got it. Our fleet of rental equipment is widely known to be the finest in the area and that's something we're proud of. Please see below for details and pricing on rentable equipment in each of our rental categories.

Excavators & Skid Steers

Excavators (also known as diggers, JCBs, mechanical shovels, or 360-degree excavators) are heavy construction equipment used for a range of large-scale projects and purposes: Digging of trenches, holes, foundations, material handling,brush cutting with hydraulic attachments, forestry work, forestry mulching, demolition, general grading and landscaping, open-pit mining, river dredging, driving piles, drilling shafts for footings and rock blasting.

Skid-steer loaders are small, four-wheel rigid-framed vehicles with lift arms used to attach a wide variety of attachments such as: snow plow and blower, power-driven auger, and trenching attachments.

4 hrsDay Week Month
Various attachments available, please call for details.
Bobcat S70120.00200.00800.002400.00
Bobcat S-550150.00225.00900.002700.00
Bobcat T-650n/a365.001450.004350.00
Bobcat E26 Excavator w/ Hyd. Thumb140.00250.00975.002925.00
Bobcat E35 Excavator w/ Hyd. Thumb225.00325.001400.004200.00
John Deere 50D Excavator w/ Hyd. Thumb210.00375.001500.004500.00
John Deere 60G Excavator w/ Hyd. Thumb225.00400.001600.004800.00
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4 hrs Day Week Month
Jumping Jack50.0075.00275.00675.00
Pneumatic Jumping Jack50.0080.00320.00895.00
Pneumatic Pogo Tamper (6" Dia.)25.0047.50185.00475.00
18" Plate Tamper25.0047.50185.00475.00
20" Plate Tamper35.0057.50235.00525.00
500 lb Plate Tamper60.0095.00395.00975.00
1000 lb Plate Tamper90.00150.00600.001800.00
Vibratory Double Drum Roller BW75S75.00100.00400.001200.00
56" Ride On Roller175.00250.001000.003000.00
84" Ride On Roller325.00480.001950.005600.00
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4 hrs Day Week Month
Electric Compressor 4.0 CFM25.0035.00110.00295.00
Electric Compressor 6.0 CFM30.0045.00140.00310.00
Gas Compressor 12.5 CFM30.0055.00220.00660.00
Gas Wheelbarrow Compressor 12 CFM30.0055.00220.00660.00
65 CFM Compressor50.0085.00300.00900.00
185 CFM Compressor75.00100.00400.001200.00
375 CFM Compressor160.00225.00 900.002600.00
825 CFM Compressor250.00450.00 1600.004750.00
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Lift Equipment

4 hrs Day Week Month
20' Electric Run-About Genie GR-2065.0085.00340.00880.00
19' Electric Scissor Genie GS-193080.00100.00390.00960.00
26' Electric Scissor Genie GS-2646110.00160.00490.001200.00
34' Trailer Mounted Boom Genie TZ-34/20110.00180.00630.001620.00
50' Trailer Mounted Boom Genie TZ-50/30130.00200.00810.001920.00
26' RT Scissor Genie GS-2668 RT120.00180.00595.001500.00
32' RT Scissor Genie GS-3268 RT130.00200.00700.001760.00
33' RT Scissor Genie GS-3369 RT150.00210.00735.001890.00
34' Articulating Boom Genie Z34/22175.00275.001100.002750.00
40' Articulating Boom Genie Z40/23N RJ (Rotating Jib)200.00350.001250.003300.00
45' Articulating Boom Genie Z45/25J200.00350.001250.003300.00
60' Articulating Boom Genie Z60/34300.00440.001600.004400.00
62' Articulating Boom Genie Z62/40340.00475.001900.004750.00
5000 lbs Toyota Forklift LPG100.00200.00500.001250.00
5000 lbs Telehandler125.00225.001000.003000.00
8000 lbs Telehandler220.00410.001400.004000.00
10000 lbs Telehandler325.00475.001900.004750.00
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4 hrsDay Week Month
225 Amp Portable Welder c/w 50' Stinger & Ground40.0060.00240.00600.00
Welding Cable Extension 50'6.008.0018.0048.00
Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet7.5010.0030.0090.00
Smoke Ex-tractorN/A50.00200.00750.00
C Clamps5.007.5012.0024.00
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Portable Toilets

Our portable toilets and wash stations are clean, modern units available for event rentals in the Revelstoke area and for construction sites anywhere in the West Columbia valley. Toilets are available in pink and green colours. Wash stations rented separately.

Please call (250) 837-5144 for current rates.

Construction Trailers

Day Week Month
Various attachments available, please call for details.
8x20 Storage Containers 50.00100.00200.00
8x20 Office/Lunch Container 100.00200.00375.00
7x14 Cargo Trailer 90.00450.00900.00
700 Gallon Water Wagon 100.00300.00600.00
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Air Equipment

4 hrsDay Week Month
1/2" Impact15.0022.0078.00230.00
3/4" Impact17.5027.00105.00310.00
1" Impact22.5035.00140.00360.00
Impact Sockets to 2"5.007.5020.0040.00
Impact Sockets 2" & over7.5010.0030.0090.00
Impact Adapters & Extensions5.007.5020.0040.00
30 lb Chipper15.0025.00100.00300.00
60 lb Breaker25.0040.00140.00360.00
90 lb Breaker25.0040.00140.00360.00
Points & Chisels5.007.5015.0030.00
15 lb Rock Drill15.0025.00100.00300.00
Drill Bits7.5012.0048.0096.00
60 lb Rock Drill25.0045.00160.00420.00
Stopper Drill75.00100.00350.00600.00
Jack Leg Drill75.00100.00350.00600.00
2' & 4' Drill Steel7.5010.0025.0050.00
6' & 8' Drill Steel10.0012.0036.0072.00
Carbide Rock Cross Bits to 2 1/2"10.0015.0045.0090.00
2' Chisel Steel7.5010.0040.00120.00
4' Chisel Steel7.5012.0048.00144.00
6' Chisel Steel10.0015.0060.00180.00
3/8" x 50' Air Hose5.007.5015.0030.00
3/4" x 50' Air Hose5.007.5020.0060.00
Line Oiler5.007.5015.0030.00
Blow Gun5.007.5015.0030.00
Portable Air Tank5.007.5020.0060.00
1/2" Air Drill7.5010.0040.00120.00
5" Angle Grinder15.0025.0090.00225.00
Needle Scaler15.0025.00100.00200.00
Texture Machine20.0035.00145.00290.00
20 ton Floor Jack15.0025.00100.00300.00
Coil Nailer15.0025.0095.00200.00
Roofing Nailer15.0025.0095.00200.00
Sheeting Stapler15.0025.0095.00200.00
Brad Nailer15.0020.0090.00180.00
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4 hrsDay Week Month
1000 Watt Inverter Generator17.5025.0090.00260.00
2000 Watt Inverter Generator25.0035.00132.00385.00
3000 Watt Generator30.0050.00175.00485.00
5000 Watt Generator35.0055.00205.00615.00
6500 Watt Generator40.0065.00253.00803.00
7000 Watt Generator40.0065.00253.00803.00
10 kw Silenced Genset105.00105.00445.001155.00
14 kw Diesel Genset85.00105.00445.001155.00
20 kw Silenced Genset125.00175.00750.001850.00
45 kw Silenced Genset175.00220.00890.002650.00
75 kw Silenced Genset425.00425.001800.004800.00
200 kw Silenced GensetCall for rates. (250) 837-5144
50 amp Power Distribution Box50.0050.00100.00150.00
100' Power Distribution Cord25.0025.00100.00150.00
100 amp Distribution Panel25.0025.0050.00100.00
600 Volt Transformer25.0023.0097.00301.00
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Electric Tools

4 hrsDay Week Month
Extension Cord H.D. 50'5.005.0015.0045.00
Extension Cord H.D. 100'5.007.5020.0060.00
Hole Hawg12.5020.0060.00180.00
Angle Drill 3/8"7.5012.0040.00120.00
Angle Drill 1/2"15.0025.0075.00200.00
Drill 3/8"7.5010.0030.0090.00
Drill 1/2"10.0015.0045.00120.00
Drill 3/4"20.0035.00140.00360.00
Drill Bits5.00 per day
3/4" Mag Base Drill35.0060.00175.00480.00
1/2" Impact12.5020.0060.00166.00
3/4" Impact20.0030.00100.00225.00
Belt Sander10.0015.0060.00180.00
Palm Sander7.5012.0045.00120.00
5" Angle Grinder7.5012.0040.00120.00
7" Angle Grinder10.0015.0060.00180.00
Electric Die Grinder15.0025.0075.00225.00
Power Polisher7.5012.0045.00120.00
Heat Gun5.0010.0030.0090.00
Shop Vac (Rigid)17.5027.50116.00200.00
Wall Paper Stripper15.0025.00100.00200.00
Porcupine Perforator5.005.0010.0015.00
Dehumidifier 120025.0040.00110.00320.00
Carpet Turbo Fan12.5022.0077.00230.00
12" Air Mover Fan20.0025.0075.00185.00
20" Air Mover Fan 5000 cfm20.0025.0075.00185.00
48" Air Mover Fan40.0070.00240.00480.00
12"x15" Duct w/ Quickconnect15.0020.0050.00100.00
Screw Gun7.5012.0040.00120.00
Battery Charger25.0040.00160.00400.00
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4 hrsDay Week Month
LED Work Light7.5010.0025.0050.00
LED Light String15.0020.0060.00140.00
Wobble Light 175W15.0015.0045.00120.00
Wobble Light 400W15.0015.0045.00120.00
Light Cart 2000W45.0065.00160.00480.00
Light Tower 6kw - 4000Wn/a125.00500.001500.00
Light Tower 20kw - 4000Wn/a175.00750.001850.00
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4 hrsDay Week Month
Electric Heater 1500 watt 110v10.0015.0045.0090.00
Electric Heater 5000 watt 220v20.0030.0090.00180.00
70,000 btu Kerosene Heater20.0025.00100.00250.00
12,000 btu Radiant (Btl.Mt)7.5010.0030.0060.00
24,000 btu Radiant (Btl.Mt)10.0015.0060.0090.00
100,000 btu Radiant Propane10.0020.0060.00120.00
150,000 btu Propane20.0030.0090.00180.00
250,000 btu Propane20.0030.0090.00180.00
20 lb Propane Bottle5.005.0010.0015.00
100 lb Propane Bottle10.0010.0020.0030.00
500,000 btu Diesel Forced Air Heater80.0095.00300.00750.00
12' Lined Ducts15.0015.0030.0060.00
Arctic Blaster Pipe Steamer & hose25.0045.00225.00675.00
Tiger Torch7.5010.0030.0090.00
Patio Heater20.0030.0090.00180.00
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Sandblasting & Painting

4 hrsDay Week Month
50 lb Econ Blast Pot30.0057.50230.00460.00
600 lb Sandblast & Pot, Hose/Nozzle100.00150.00600.001200.00
Sandblast Hood & Purifier30.0055.00220.00440.00
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Pressure Washers

4 hrsDay Week Month
3000 psi Portable Hot Water Unit75.00120.00400.001100.00
3000 psi Pressure Washer Gas powered40.0070.00280.00795.00
2500 psi Pressure Washer Gas powered30.0055.00200.00540.00
2000 psi Pressure Washer Electric30.0055.00200.00540.00
50' hose extension7.5010.0030.0090.00
Turbo Nozzle7.5012.0036.0096.00
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Scaffolding & Ladders

4 hrsDay Week Month
5' x 5' Frame5.005.0010.0015.00
5' x 3' Frame (1/2 High)5.005.0010.0015.00
2.5' x 5' Frame (1/2 Wide)5.005.0010.0015.00
Cross Brace1.001.002.504.00
Cross Brace (1/2 High)
Scaffold Plank 7'5.005.0010.0015.00
Caster 8"
Casters 10" Flat Free7.5010.0020.0040.00
Screw Jack3.003.005.0010.00
Guard Post3.003.005.0010.00
Guard Rail 5'
Guard Rail 7'
Step Ladders 6' & 8' HD Fiberglass10.0012.5036.0095.00
Step Ladders 10' & 12' HD Fiberglass12.5015.0045.00110.00
Extension Ladder 20'10.0015.0045.00120.00
Extension Ladder 20' Fiberglass12.5020.0065.00195.00
Extension Ladder 30'12.5020.0065.00195.00
Extension Ladder 40'15.0025.00100.00300.00
Roof Hook Ladder10.0015.0045.00120.00
Folding Step 24"5.007.5025.0060.00
Folding Step 36"7.5010.0030.0070.00
Folding Step 48"10.0012.5035.0080.00
4 in 1 Super Ladder7.5010.0025.0075.00
Painters Plank (20'-0")15.0020.0060.00120.00
Extendable Plank (7' - 11')15.0020.0060.00120.00
Portable Workbench (7' x 2' x 3'H)15.0020.0060.00120.00
Temporary Post Jack (each)10.0015.0045.0090.00
Ladder Jack (each)5.005.0015.0045.00
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4 hrsDay Week Month
3/4" Submersible15.0020.0040.0080.00
1½" Submersible17.5025.00100.00225.00
2" Submersible20.0035.00110.00275.00
Water Bed Pump7.5010.0040.00100.00
12 volt Fuel Pump15.0025.00100.00180.00
Manual Fuel Pump10.0020.0060.0090.00
1½" Centrifugal20.0030.00120.00280.00
2" Centrifugal40.0060.00240.00480.00
2" Pressure40.0060.00240.00480.00
3" Centrifugal c/w Suction30.0050.00200.00450.00
3" Trash30.0050.00200.00450.00
6" Diesel Trash Pump250.00325.001100.003300.00
3" Diaphragm30.0050.00200.00450.00
4" Trash50.0075.00300.00900.00
50' Garden Hose5.005.0020.0060.00
100' Garden Hose7.5010.0030.0075.00
1½" x 50' Layflat5.007.5028.0060.00
2" x 50' Layflat5.007.5028.0060.00
1½" x 100' Firehose7.5010.0030.0075.00
3" x 50' Layflat7.5012.5036.0072.00
4" x 50' Layflat12.5015.0085.00145.00
6" x 50' Layflat50.0050.00150.00300.00
1½" x 20' Rigid Suction Hose5.007.5028.0060.00
2" x 20' Rigid Suction Hose5.007.5028.0060.00
3" x 20' Rigid Suction Hose7.5012.5036.0072.00
4" x 20' Rigid Suction Hose12.5015.0085.00145.00
5" x 20' Rigid Suction Hose50.0050.00150.00300.00
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Concrete Equipment

4 hrsDay Week Month
Concrete Mixer Electric27.5045.00145.00340.00
Concrete Mixer Gas32.5055.00195.00480.00
Concrete Mixer (Trailer)25.0045.00145.00340.00
Mortar Mixer50.0085.00270.00750.00
Concrete Bucket 1 yd30.0040.00160.00380.00
Wheel Barrow7.5012.0036.0085.00
Concrete Vibrator37.5050.00145.00335.00
Concrete Broom15.0015.0030.0060.00
Bull Float15.0015.0030.0060.00
Bull Float Handle5.005.0010.0015.00
Trowel Float Fresco15.0015.0030.0060.00
Power Screed45.0070.00259.00612.00
Roller Float (Brick Stencil Pattern)15.0015.0030.0060.00
Whiteman Power Trowel45.0060.00160.00420.00
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Concrete Drilling & Breaking

4 hrsDay Week Month
Hilti TE6 A Drill30.0055.00220.00660.00
Hilti TE I5 & 2517.5030.00120.00360.00
Drill Bits to 1" SDS5.007.5018.0054.00
Hilti TE 75 & 7627.5045.00176.00425.00
Milwaukee Hammer Drill27.5045.00175.00425.00
Milwaukee Hammer Drill 1-1/815.0027.50110.00330.00
Milwaukee Rotary Hammer Drill27.5045.00175.00425.00
Milwaukee SDS Max27.5045.00176.00425.00
SDS Chisel & Points5.007.5017.5034.00
SDS Drill Bits MAX 1/2"-1"7.5012.0048.0096.00
Floor Tile Tool10.0017.5060.0090.00
Bush Head10.0017.5045.0090.00
Bosch Electric Breaker40.0067.50265.00530.00
Bosch Points & Chisels7.5012.0024.0036.00
Hand Held Core Drill45.0075.00250.00675.00
Core Bits for DD15.00 per .001
Core Drill Rig42.5080.00275.00850.00
Core Bits (2" - 9")5.00 per .001
Hit Kit TMD200010.0015.0030.0045.00
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Flooring Equipment

4 hrsDay Week Month
8" Drum Floor Sander20.0035.00140.00350.00
Floor Sander Orbital Pad20.0035.00140.00420.00
Floor Sanding Edger10.0015.0060.00150.00
Floor Stripper Eddy20.0030.00120.00360.00
Floor Stripper Large30.0050.00200.00600.00
Floor Polisher35.0050.00175.00460.00
Floor Polisher Scraper30.0040.00160.00290.00
Floor Polisher Stone Grinder15.0025.0075.00150.00
Floor Scraper (electric)30.0050.00200.00600.00
Floor Scraper (manual)7.5010.0020.0040.00
Floor Scraper Heavy Duty10.0015.0030.0090.00
Lino Roller7.5010.0030.0090.00
Carpet Iron7.5010.0030.0090.00
Carpet Kicker7.5010.0030.0090.00
Electric Stapler7.5010.0030.0090.00
Tile Cutter Manual15.0020.0060.00180.00
Tile Nipper5.007.5015.0030.00
Hardwood Floor Nailer10.0015.0045.00135.00
Hardwood Floor Nailer Air25.0035.00140.00420.00
Screw Matic Floor Unit17.5030.00120.00240.00
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Hydraulic Equipment

4 hrsDay Week Month
Hydraulic Jacks 2 ton7.5010.0040.00120.00
Hydraulic Jacks 8 ton7.5010.0040.00120.00
Hydraulic Jacks 10 ton7.5010.0040.00120.00
Hydraulic Jacks 12 ton15.0020.0060.00180.00
Hydraulic Jacks 20 ton (regular & low profile)15.0020.0060.00180.00
Hydraulic 4 1/2 Cylinder7.5010.0040.00120.00
Hydraulic 10 1/2 Cylinder7.5010.0040.00120.00
Hydraulic Wedge7.5010.0040.00120.00
Porta Power15.0025.00100.00300.00
Engine Hoist20.0030.0090.00270.00
Pallet Jack20.0030.0090.00270.00
Wheel Dolly20.0030.0090.00270.00
Transmission Jack20.0030.0090.00270.00
Floor Jack 20 ton 15.0025.00100.00300.00
Floor Jack 2 ton 15.0020.0080.00240.00
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Moving & Lifting Equipment

4 hrsDay Week Month
Fridge Dolly10.0010.0040.00120.00
Piano Dolly10.0010.0040.00120.00
Wheel Dolly15.0020.0080.00200.00
Moving Dolly10.0010.0030.0090.00
Hand Cart10.0010.0040.00120.00
Appliance Suction Cups5.005.0010.0015.00
Pallet Jack20.0030.0090.00270.00
Safe Movers7.5010.0030.0060.00
Plate Lifting Clamps15.0020.0060.00180.00
Pallet Tongs10.0015.0045.0090.00
Timber Tongs10.0015.0045.0090.00
Slings Web & Cable7.5010.0030.0060.00
Cable Come a long7.5015.0045.0090.00
Chain Coma a long 3/4 ton10.0015.0060.00150.00
Chain Come a long 11/2 ton10.0015.0060.00150.00
Chain Come a long 3 ton15.0020.0080.00240.00
Chain Hoist 1 & 2 ton15.0020.0080.00200.00
Tirfor 3/4 ton c/w 75' Cable15.0020.0060.00180.00
Snatch Blocks7.5010.0030.0060.00
Drywall Lift25.0035.00115.00335.00
24' Superlift (Contractor)N/A75.00280.00575.00
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4 hrsDay Week Month
Gas Powered Cut Off Saw25.0045.00180.00425.00
Electric Cut Off Saw20.0030.00120.00360.00
Walk Behind Floor Saw45.0065.00260.00720.00
Concrete Cutting Chain Saw45.0080.00260.00595.00
Diamond Cutting Chain(purchase only)259.00ea
Brick Saw 14"35.0050.00200.00700.00
12" Diamond Blades3.00 per .001
14" Diamond Blades3.00 per .001
10" Industrial Tile Saw30.0045.00180.00540.00
8" Wet Table Tile Saw15.0025.0075.00225.00
7" Wet Tile Cutting Saw10.0015.0045.00120.00
10" Wet Tile Cutting Saw20.0035.0080.00235.00
8" Circular Saw10.0015.0045.00120.00
10" Circular Saw15.0025.0080.00180.00
16" Circular Saw30.0045.00120.00360.00
Portable Band Saw22.5037.50135.00270.00
Compound Mitre Saw22.5035.00115.00295.00
Jig Saw7.5012.0040.0095.00
Dewalt Cordless 18v Saw 20.0030.0075.00225.00
Reciprocating Saw10.0017.5065.00190.00
Electric Power Saw20.0035.0095.00195.00
Gas Power Saw40.0065.00260.00595.00
Hole SawsVarious sizes available, call for pricing.
14" Metal Chop Saw25.0040.00160.00380.00
Pole Saw Manual7.5012.0036.0072.00
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4 hrsDay Week Month
Sewer Snake Hand Crank 50'20.0025.0060.00180.00
Sewer Snake Hand Crank 75'25.0030.0090.00210.00
Sewer Snake Trap Auger 25'10.0015.0060.00180.00
Sewer Snake Toilet Auger10.0015.0060.00180.00
Sewer Snake Trap Electric 25' 3/810.0020.0060.00180.00
Sewer Snake Power 75'35.0050.00160.00380.00
Sewer Tape 75'10.0015.0060.00180.00
Pipe Wrench 10"-24"10.0010.0030.0060.00
Pipe Wrench 36"15.0015.0045.0090.00
Pipe Wrench 48"20.0020.0060.00120.00
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Miscellaneous Rental Equipment

4 hrsDay Week Month
Ship Auger Bits for Wood Drills5.005.0020.0060.00
10' Road Barricade1.001.007.0028.00
Flashing Barricade1.002.509.0030.00
Delineator And Base1.001.007.0021.00
Highway Sign c/w Stand5.005.007.0028.00
Traffic Cone1.001.007.0021.00
Stop and Go Paddles5.005.0012.0036.00
2-Way Radios Hand Held5.0010.0040.0080.00
Wide Load Sign (flashing)20.0030.0090.00120.00
Pintle Hitch5.0010.0020.0060.00
Bolt Cutters 36" & 48"7.5010.0040.0080.00
Builders Level c/w Tripod & Rod15.0025.0090.00180.00
Laser Level c/w Tripod & Rod15.0025.0090.00180.00
Self Leveling Laser Level c/w Tripod35.006.00200.00600.00
Metal Detector10.0015.0060.00150.00
Pin Finder15.0020.0080.00200.00
Torque Multipliers 4x115.0020.0080.00240.00
Tent 10' x 10' R.E.R. Custom50.0050.00150.00450.00
Tent 10' x 10' Pop Up50.0050.00150.00450.00
Tent 10' x 15' Pop Up50.0050.00150.00450.00
Snowshoes (Per Pair)7.5010.0030.0060.00
Life Jacket Mustang W.C.B.10.0010.0035.0090.00
Forestry Pisscan10.0015.0045.0090.00
Brush Burner40.0060.00240.00480.00
Gas Powered Drill15.0025.0075.00225.00
Klein Cable Puller5.0010.0020.0060.00
Chain Pliers5.005.0020.0060.00
Hand Planner5.005.0020.0060.00
Dead Blow Hammer5.005.0020.0060.00
Sledge Hammer5.007.5015.0045.00
Nail Puller5.005.0020.0060.00
Mixing Paddle5.005.0015.0045.00
Slug Wrench5.005.0020.0060.00
Shovels & Steel Rakes5.005.0020.0055.00
Magnetic Floor Sweeper 24"10.0020.0060.00190.00
Measuring Wheel Small5.0010.0030.0060.00
Measuring Wheel Large10.0015.0035.0085.00
Strapping Machine15.0025.00100.00200.00
Strapping Machine Set 3/4" & 1-1/4"25.0040.00120.00280.00
Fuel Tank Enviro 500L c/w Pump50.0090.00360.00720.00
Fuel Tank Enviro 1000L c/w Pump75.00120.00480.00960.00
Fuel Tank 70gal c/w Pump n/a45.00125.00325.00
Fuel Tank 100gal c/w Pumpn/a35.00150.00425.00
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Automotive Tools

4 hrsDay Week Month
Air Chisel Set5.0020.0090.00240.00
Battery Charger10.0015.0040.00120.00
Compression Tester5.0010.0040.00120.00
Chain Block 3/4 ton10.0015.0040.00120.00
Engine Hoist20.0030.0090.00270.00
Jumper Cables5.005.0020.0060.00
Pullers All Sizes7.5010.0032.0096.00
Pickle Fork Set7.5010.0040.00120.00
Pop Rivet Set7.5010.0040.00120.00
Screw Extractor7.5010.0032.0096.00
Slide Hammer10.0015.0040.00120.00
Transmission Jack20.0030.0090.00270.00
Floor Jack10.0015.0060.00180.00
Torque Wrench 250 lb12.5020.0044.00132.00
Torque Wrench 600 lb12.5020.0044.00132.00
Letter Stamp Set 1/4"5.005.0020.0060.00
Letter Stamp Set 1/8"10.0010.0040.00160.00
Number Stamp Set5.005.0020.0060.00
Valve Spring Compressor7.5010.0032.0096.00
3/4" Socket Set15.0025.0040.00120.00
12" Adjustable Wrench5.005.0010.0015.00
18" Adjustable Wrench5.007.5015.0025.00
24" Adjustable Wrench7.5010.0020.0030.00
Spring Compression/Suspension10.0025.0045.0075.00
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Lawn & Garden

4 HoursDayWeek4 Weeks
Wood Splitter (vertical 4-way)40.0060.00300.001200.00
2 Man Post Hole Auger20.0040.00160.00300.00
Manual Sod Cutter20.0030.00120.00240.00
Lawn Roller7.5010.0030.0090.00
Landscape Rake7.5010.0030.0090.00
Seeder Hand Grass5.005.0010.0015.00
Seeder Belly Grinder5.0010.0015.0045.00
Post Hole Digger5.007.5020.0080.00
Wheel Barrow7.5010.0030.0090.00
Pruning Pole7.5010.0030.0090.00
Hand Post Pounder7.5010.0030.0060.00
(2hr min.)
Day Week 4 Weeks
Ryan Commercial Aerator22.5095.00285.00850.00
Lawn Sweeper17.5070.00210.00630.00
Lawn Thatcher17.5070.00210.00630.00
Lawn Mower17.5070.00210.00630.00
Gas Powered Leaf Blower17.5070.00210.00630.00
Walk Behind Trimmer17.5070.00210.00630.00
Gas Powered Trimmer17.5070.00210.00630.00
Lawn Vacuum17.5070.00210.00630.00
Front Tine Rototiller17.5070.00210.00630.00
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